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Hello and welcome to the official webpage for the Zeta Gamma Chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority at Sonoma State University!

Our chapter is full of intelligent, fun and beautiful young women and I am honored and humbled to be the President of an organization that means so much to me. It is truly incredible to be a part of a sisterhood that has upheld values of love, labor, learning, and loyalty since 1874. Being a member of Gamma Phi Beta gives women the opportunity to create a family away from home on our college campus, which is something that is so important when beginning this next chapter of our lives as collegiate women. Being a member gives us the ability to give back to the community through local Philanthropy work as well as through supporting our national Philanthropy Building Strong Girls. We are also given the opportunity to enhance our scholastic abilities, engage in phenomenal leadership opportunities, and find the family we choose through sisterhood. While being a part of this organization, each individual is given the chance to grow and shine into the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

By inspiring the highest type of womanhood, we learn to lift each other up and love each sister full-heartedly. What we learn through our philanthropy is that the most important thing we can do as we continue to grow into strong women ourselves, is to build strong girls by teaching girls from a young age to be strong, courageous, and confident in themselves. As sisters in Gamma Phi Beta we realize that we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, and that is a responsibility we don't take lightly. Gamma Phi Beta has given me my best friends, my mentors, and is my home away from home.

How lucky are we to have sisters who will genuinely love each other, not for just four years, but for a lifetime?! I hope that this webpage makes you fall in love with my sisters just as easy as I did. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

With much love & kindness,
Alexa Grossman
Gamma Phi Beta 
Zeta Gamma Chapter

A Message From the President

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